• This BLUE 10 X 12.5 inch Lifter is made of 100%, food grade, BPA FREE silicone with no fillers

  • This HIGH TECH meat lifter is great for roasts, turkeys, hams, chicken, and prime rib.

  • EASY TO CLEAN! This Lifter is dishwasher safe, but is very easy to hand wash as well.

  • This LIFTER can be used for meat products up to 15 pounds.

  • LIQUIDATION $4.99 until they're GONE! 

Hints and Tips

  • Center BLUE LIFTER in the bottom of your pan.

  • Place prepared turkey, or other large meat, on top.

  • Check that the meat is centered on the lifter by slowly lifting it up with the lifter still in the pan.  This will keep the meat from sliding off.  Re-position if necessary.

  • Gently slide the lifter from under the meat after removing it from the pan, and before carving.

  • The BLUE LIFTER is easily cleaned with water and regular dish soap.  It can also be placed on the top rack of the dishwasher.

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